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Wearable Art

These kimonos and scarves are exclusive to WOW by Barbara.  I am creating exclusive products with a Montreal fashion house.  The first collection can be found here.

Everyone has favourite colours they are drawn to, and we all know that certain colours look especially good on us.  This has to do with your skin tones, hair colour, eye colour etc.

Have you ever had "your colours done" by an expert to determine which season's colours look best on you?

I've taken 4 paintings that have the seasonal colours and turned them into kimonos and scarves for you to add to your favourite tee shirt and jeans, or swinsuit that will enhance your look and make you feel like a million bucks!

Springtime Ladies - pastel colouring with my blue ladies

Icy Summer - blues, greys, whites, and black from (ironically) a winter scene at the end of my road

Autumn Walk - golds, orange, burgundy and green found in an autumn forest

Winter Umbrellas - rich royal colours like purple, red, green and yellow found in the streets of Cartegena

A perfect addition to your closet, or as a gift for someone who appreciates unique Canadian art.

Have a peak at additional pieces of wearable art which have been curated on my storefront located at